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I recently conducted a reader survey and was surprised to discover how many had no idea of the abundance of information, activities, support, products and services that I offer through my websites. So many of them are FREE, that I thought in these economic times it would be very helpful for all of my readers to be aware of them. So, over the next few issues of this ezine, I’m going to reveal them all. Keep them handy and refer to them when you need ideas to inspire your homeschooling.


I write and publish a total of three free ezines, Homefires, Carschooling, and Universal Preschool. If you subscribe to them all, you’ll get 3 valuable ezines a month that are chock-full of thought-provoking articles as well as fun and educational ideas and activities you can use to nurture a love of learning. Here is a description of all three ezines:

  • Homefires ~ The Journal of Homeschooling – Each issue includes information to inspire and motivate your family’s homeschool lifestyle. This year, in addition to bringing you up-to-date on the free resources I provide, I’ll identify and recommend other resources that will save you time and money. Future topics will include learning math and science, homeschooling teens, the 7 dumb mistakes people make when they homeschool and how to avoid them, what to do when Dad objects to homeschooling, and the mindset shifts you MUST make if you want to help your children live an extraordinary life through homeschooling. Homefires is valued at $72 – and as you know (if you are receiving this issue), you can subscribe for free by visiting and enter your email address in the box at the top, right side of the page.
  • Universal Preschool – This ezine’s name is a misnomer. It is not about sending kids to government universal preschools – in fact, its purpose is the OPPOSITE of that. I am dedicated to helping parents of young children ages 2-5 get the activities and resources they need to help their little ones learn at home. There are lots of FREE how-to articles with fun and playful activities to stimulate and enrich your young child’s development, that will fully prepare him or her for school or homeschool readiness. You’ll also get advice from experts, research, news and commentary. This publication is valued at $72 – but you can subscribe for free! Simply visit and enter your email address in the yellow box at the top, right corner of the home page.
  • Carschooling – This ezine is a continuation of the fun and entertaining ideas and activities for turning travel time into learning time that were featured in my book, Carschooling, that was published by Random House in 2002. The book was just discontinued by Random House after a successful 7-year run. (You can still purchase autographed copies from me – but I only have 24 left in inventory and they’re going fast.) I’m delighted to tell you that I will be self-publishing Carschooling, and plans are in the works to create a companion, hands-on activity book as well. In the meantime, this free ezine is a great way to get learning ideas you can do in the car whether running a 5-minute errand or taking a 500-mile road trip that will turn your kids into “Road Scholars!” Subscribe for free by visiting the Carschooling website and enter your email address in the blue box at the top, right corner of the home page.

These free ezines have a total subscribership of over 16,000 – but I believe many more people could benefit from receiving them. I am requesting your help to boost the combined subscribership to 100,000 in 2009. Please, if you use and enjoy any of my ezines, tell other people about them and invite them to subscribe. Blog about them or include a link to them on your website. I’ll return the favor. If you’re on any social or professional networking service, please post a comment about the ezines and encourage others to get their free subscription. Thank you for helping me reach my goal!


Homefires Learning Calendar – This will help you and your children note historical events and people that impact your lives. It includes recommendations for books, websites, DVDs, lessons, activities and more to further learning. Some of the resources are free, and others are fee-based through our affiliates. Of course, in the case of books and DVDs, you can simply capture the information and look for them at your library or through your DVD rental company. Many parents tell me they use this calendar exclusively for their social sciences curriculum! It includes separate resources for elementary and high school students. You can get this invaluable calendar for free by visiting Homefires website.

Carschooling Calendar – This is a nifty, monthly calendar that makes note of an historical or important event or person for each day of the year. It’s a simplified version of the Homefires Learning Calendar. The Carschooling Calendar also includes unique information on the name of the month, and the associated gemstone and flower. And just-for-fun, we include the zodiac signs associated with the month. Print it out and keep it in your car. Make a habit of referring to it on your daily car trips or plan ahead and borrow an audiobook or DVD from the library that ties in with that particular theme noted on the calendar. It’s an easy way to promote learning for the entire family. Download this month’s calendar by visiting the Carschooling website and click on the words “Calendar for (Name of Month) 2009.”

Free Sample Preschool Learning Calendar – We offer a learning calendar for little ones that contains historic, fun and silly events to commemorate many days of the year. We have compiled books, websites with playful lessons, DVDs, and more to help you boost your young child’s knowledge of the world. We provide terrific samples of the calendar for free at the website. The entire Preschool Learning Calendar is available for sale. You’ll find more info about it and how to order it below.

Again, I’d love your help in making other people aware of these free resources. Please link to them from your blogs, websites, and social networking sites. If you do, let me know and I will provide a reciprocal link to your family-friendly blog or website from my website. Thank you so much for your support – and enjoy and share these resources!

You have permission to use any part of the above descriptions on your blogs and websites to help promote these services. Thank you!

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