I Hate Blogging…

Did that title get your attention? I hope so, because I need your help.

I have blogs on all of my websites – but I’m not a consistent blogger. I find it very time-consuming and that frustrates me. I think it’s probably because I just don’t have the hang of it. I think it’s supposed to be a more casual style of writing than I’m used to. It reminds me of journaling or keeping a diary – and I was never very good at that either. LOL.

Now, there’s something called “memes” – where (correct me if I’m wrong) a topic is started on one blog (for example, “Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day”) and other bloggers pick it up, post it on their site (referencing where they originally found it) and add their ideas. Popular topics make the rounds of multiple blogs quickly.

In an effort to make the learning curve, I started to research blogs and memes. I am AMAZED at the number of people who blog daily – and surprised at how much terrific content some blogs contain that are really helpful to homeschoolers. There are some really talented writers who are blogging. In fact, there are so many that I feel like I’ve been living under a rock or on a different planet. Who are all of these bloggers and where did they come from? I want to know more!

If you consistently write a daily or weekly blog that includes information about homeschooling – or if you have favorite blogs that you read that are helpful to you in homeschooling, will you either post a link in a comment here – or send it to me at editor@homefires.com ? I would like to blog about them – and maybe start a meme. 🙂

Thanks for your help!

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  • superprotectivefactor

    I didn’t get the blogging thing either until we started a homeschool slow-food project and I wanted to be able to keep the other families updated on the progress of our kitchen garden.

    Here’s the blog for our homeschool Dirt to Dinner class if you want to check it out:



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