Do Homeschool Moms Wear Stilettos?

Every women’s magazine I have picked up for the past couple of years has shown women in stiletto heels as the fashion “must.” (Oprah wears them, as do most of her female guests.) It’s as if women’s relatively new, prominent, and accepted role in the business world – a role that is often considered tough, hard, and aggressive – is being deliberately “feminized” by the femme fatale look of a stiletto shoe worn with a power suit.

Considering the research on the health problems posed by these kinds of “dagger” shoes, and the connection of them to erotica, and the history of shoes and how many styles were developed by men to keep women in subordinate roles – I am confused by the trend to wear them.

Having been around long enough to celebrate the demise of “high heels” (when women were burning their bras), and demoralized by their return, I began to look around at the women I know who homeschool their kids. Not one, that I’m aware of, wears stiletto heels. Perhaps it’s because we tend to think outside of cultural norms and be less susceptible to them.

Then, it occurred to me – how would I really know? I don’t see the homeschool moms except at park days – hardly the place for stilettos. It would be totally impractical – you’d sink into the lawn with every step!

So, my question is this – do any of you homeschool moms wear stilettos either as a fashion statement when you go out on the town, or when you have a business meeting (if you also happen to work or have a home-based business)?

And if you do, would you be kind enough to explain to me why? I am struggling to understand this clothing statement by a younger generation of women.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. 🙂

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  • lisa396ss

    I wear them because I love to wear them. I am 5'10" and was told all my life that I should never wear them because I was already too tall. I do wear flip flops and sneakers but I LOVE my 4" heels.

  • Annette M. Hall

    I used to love wearing my stiletto heels with jeans all the time and I too was warned by the doctor that they were bad for my feet and legs.

    I started having trouble wearing them when I turned 30 and today wear only flats. I’m not certain how much wearing heels contributed to my feet problems but my feet hurt most of the time now.

    Live and learn or is it "let the buyer beware?"

  • Barbara

    I wear high heels, low heels, mid heels – whatever the mood strikes. I see shoes as my choice to decide. And, if I like the aesthetic of a particular color or shape, than that will play into my decision.

    It is not liberating to me to have to choose either comfort or beauty. I want both. And wearing plain or homely shoes as some sort of feminist statement is just not me.

    I’ve also noticed that many successful young women who buy high end (expensive) designer shoes are not wearing them for men. They wear them (consciously or no) as a trophy of their success and an establishment of dominance among other women. Having the independent means to buy & wear $700 shoes is a declaration of self-sufficiency to themselves and to other women. After all, few men know or care about fashion, let alone shoes. But, many women are very aware of these things and understand the visual claiming of personal power and wealth that modern shoes declare to other women.

    (Obviously this is my non-scientific opinion; but I’d love to see someone do a thesis on this).

  • suzanne

    I LOVE wearing my stiletto heels everywhere, to the grocery,
    to the park, camping trips, even in the garden.
    I wear my wood heels in the shower too.
    Most of my stilettos are 4″ or higher and are my most treasured assets.

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