2010 Vancouver Olympic Games: Free Lessons & Learning

Special Guest Blogger Marie-Claire Moreau

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are here with a boat-load of teaching opportunities for you and the kids! Coming only once every two years, the Olympic games won’t be here long…you don’t want to miss the learning and fun while it lasts!

Children of all ages can learn by studying the Olympic games.  In fact, adults in the family will enjoy it, too, making it a great family activity all-around.  With the great variety of events and daily television coverage, everyone will find his or her favorite sport, athlete, or country to support.

At a time of year when so many families become bored with the homeschooling routine or antsy for spring to arrive, studying the Olympic games can bring about a welcome change of pace and fresh enthusiasm for daily lessons. From locating countries on a world map or charting scores and medals, to following individual athletes and observing flags, costumes and customs, no other world-wide event brings about so many learning opportunities and fosters such good feelings all at the same time.

Asking yourself how you’ll squeeze Olympics units in with your already existing curriculum? The answer is, don’t do it!  Choose instead to focus on the Olympics for just one subject, one hour, or one day at a time. Studying the Olympics in lieu of any “regular” social studies, geography, or physical education curriculum will allow you to enjoy the events without causing much disruption to the teaching you already do. At times like this, it’s impossible to predict all of the different paths your learning may guide you but, guaranteed, the learning gains out-weigh any other missed lessons, hands-down.

Watching and learning about the Olympics can be distributed across the curriculum in many different ways. There are many outstanding teacher resources already available on the Internet, so don’t bother creating any of your own.  Sit back, start clicking, and find something you think your children will love.  Start with this list of links, and off you go!

Suggested Olympics lesson plans and ideas (note: some of these activities date back to earlier Olympics but they are just as relevant for the 2010 games):

Enjoy the winter games and have a great homeschooling experience all winter long!  Go team USA

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