What’s the BEST Part about Homeschooling?

In an interview I conducted with homeschool students, the kids mentioned having time to do what they are interested in and having time with their family, as the best part of homeschooling.
In school and often after school, a student’s time is filled with curriculum and homework.  A child rarely has the opportunity to explore an interest in any kind of depth. The bells and buzzers that ring and interrupt them make sure of that. 

I know when my oldest son went to school, he was continually frustrated by the lack of time.  He’d start working on a subject and just as he was really getting into it – the teacher would tell the class to put it away and do something else.

Because kids don’t have any control over their own time in a school setting, those who are continually frustrated by timed tasks will often shut down completely.  The joy of learning subsides or disappears.

It’s striking that so many homeschooled children identified having time with their families as a huge plus of homeschooling. This revelation supports my belief that the most cherished gift that passes between child and parent is time and attention freely given to one another.
When my youngest son was about 6, I was cuddling him in my lap and I told him I had to speak to a group of homeschool parents. I asked him what was the one thing he thought I should tell them was the best part of homeschooling. He said, “It’s having plenty of time for hugs and kisses.” 
Time is such a simple thing to give to your child – and it takes them such a long way. The best part of homeschooling is that it gives parents and children the opportunity to be together in meaningful measures of time.

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  • Tiphany Walker

    We most certainly agree. We LOVE being together. I have 3 small children, ages 7, 5, & 3 and we are so thankful each day for our special times spent together, and all of the freedoms homeschooling allows us (i.e., worship time, activity/play time, learning time for our choice of interests, etc, etc.) Thanks for all the ways you help homeschooling families! May GOD Bless you for it.

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