Do Homeschool Moms Wear Stilettos?

Every women’s magazine I have picked up for the past couple of years has shown women in stiletto heels as the fashion “must.” (Oprah wears them, as do most of her female guests.) It’s as if women’s relatively new, prominent, and accepted role in the business world – a role that is often considered tough, […]

Save Money with Educator Discounts!

One of the best money-saving tools for homeschool parents are “educator discount cards” that typically provide 10% or more off of educational products and supplies.

I have used discount cards at book and craft stores and to cut costs on printing and photo copies. Most of the educator discounts are limited to in-store purchases and […]

Is Your Homeschool Cupboard Bare? Attend a Homeschool Conference!

“Mom, I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” How many times have you heard that lament from your children? I had a number of programmed responses to this complaint and adopted multiple personalities to deliver them:

The Pollyanna Response: “You are so lucky to be bored! It helps you clear your mind so you can think […]